Of Names, Auctions, and Contests

lemonysnicket.jpgLemony Snicket auctioned the naming right to a character in a forthomcing novel. (Sold for a lot–something like $6000.) So why shouldn’t Professor Eric Muller solicit help in naming his new book on the administration of the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II? Looks like a great book, btw, judging by his introductory chapter. And, of course, the contest has the virtue of getting lots of folks reading the introduction and driving traffic to his blog. This may catch on–at least I hope it does, because I enjoy hearing about new scholarship and it’s sort of a fun contest.

Alas, I have no good idea about the name for the book–I’d probably go for something dull like Administering Injustice. But it’ll be an important addition to the literature on the history of administrative state in the twentieth century, which has been drawing attention from really strong scholars, like Reuel Schiller.

One more thing: I was a coerced watcher of Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events last January on a flight out to Seatle. And, after the first couple of minutes when I couldn’t quite figure out what the was going on, I enjoyed the movie. Plus, I dig the role of a trust in shaping the plot.

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