Update on Sober = Drunk in Washington DC

Earlier this week, I wrote a post on how people can be arrested for DUI even when they have a BAC well below the legal limit of .08. The Washington Post article I blogged about sparked a considerable public outcry, and now the DC Council is rushing to revise the law. According to a follow-up article in the Washington Post:

D.C. Council members, swamped with irate calls and threats to boycott

D.C. bars and restaurants, introduced emergency legislation yesterday

that would override the police department’s controversial and

little-known zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving.

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1 Response

  1. Mike says:

    I loved this line from the original WaPo story:

    “‘I always say the safe bet, if you drive, is not to drink at all,’ Burke said. ‘But even looking from a D.C. tourism standpoint, we’d be killing ourselves if we were saying you can’t go out and have a glass of wine with dinner. That’d be ridiculous. So we tell people, you have to know your limits.'”

    In other words, they lied by letting tourists believe they could not be arrested for having a glass of wine with dinner in order to help tourism (and thus, to ensure a wasteful government does not lose money). It’s a form of entrapment by estoppell, really.

    After the french fry policy, and now this, I have to wonder what’s wrong with people in D.C. And I thought liberal governments were supposed to be enlightened. (?)