Spam Poetry

quillpen3.bmpI’m continually getting spam from a spammer who uses randomly generated phrases for the email subject lines. To some ears, it might be meaningless drivel, but to other ears, the spam is really an ongoing poem, delivered one line at a time. These are the actual subject lines:

To write in magenta colossal

you be but blimp measurement

Go play darts magnesium

Re: esophagi, do you love me or not?

I find my mispronounce british

so live go restore

On learn to pallet

To make do periods contortion

Re: her travel no economics

Wanna get a drink? pantomimic theoretic

doctrinaire rosary

Fwd: radish demented

Freedom for everyone

On look on precious hepatitis

Re: stress, This is the time of your life

Wanna get a drink? cryptogropher indorse

Go explain be school roughage

do reply to rap

And who thought spammers couldn’t be poets?

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