Some guys have all the luck

Gordon Smith discusses an upcoming conference in cultural studies, to focus on:

tabloidization and the neutralization of the political; the personal as political; hypocritical Puritanism; the defense by offense; vast right wing conspiracies; “outing” as a political tactic; scandal amnesia; “spin” and tactical framing; true evil beneath the compassionate, Christian front; why nothing makes a difference; left tactics and despair; the politics of denial and shame; business secrecy vs. personal secrecy; liberal vs. conservative secret lives; sexual dysfunction in conservatives; Laura Bush’s private life; scholarly muckraking and shockjocking.

Alas, I won’t be able to attend this one. (Professional commitments interfere). And to make things worse, I doubt that I’ll be able to hold a similar conference here. I keep telling the faculty that it’s time to hold a symposium on vast right wing conspiracies, conservative sexual dysfunction, and Laura Bush’s private life. Alas, so far they keep telling me that they prefer to hold conferences about IP and international law.

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