Orly Lobel at TJ

lobelo.jpg I just had the pleasure of listening to Orly Lobel’s talk here at TJ, “Sleeping with the Enemy or Effective Public Management?: Government/Industry Cooperation for Promoting Workers’ Rights.” Her talk was loosely based on her forthcoming article in the Administrative Law Review, Interlocking Regulatory and Industrial Relations, The Governance of Workplace Safety.

Orly presented three major ideas: First, that a diversification in the forms of safety regulation could increase the effectiveness and legitimacy of governance; second, that principles needed to be developed for evaluating the effectiveness of shifts away from command and control; and third, that legal boundaries between labor and adminitrative law regimes have important effects on the ability to implement new types of governance. For examples of how these ideas work in real life, she discussed regulatory reforms in Maine, as well as a nationwide, voluntary safety certification program. Orly is an engaging speaker, and I found her presentation — on a topic about which I know next-to-nothing — to be interesting and informative. And I’ve made a mental note to keep an eye on her scholarship, which is a fun mix of empirical work and theoretical discussion.

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