How to Develop a Supreme Court Practice

supremecourt10a.bmpHow does a law firm develop a Supreme Court appellate law practice? Hang out a shingle? Well, yes, if you’ve got Seth Waxman. This interesting article explains how law firms build a Supreme Court practice. The article contrasts the firm of Wilmer Culter, where Waxman argued all five of its Supreme Court cases last term, with the firm of Jones Day, which had five different attorneys argue its six Supreme Court cases.

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  1. SCOTUSblog says:

    Blog Round-Up – Sunday, October 23rd

    Concurring Opinions has this post on “How to Develop a Supreme Court Practice.” The post cites to this article by Tony Mauro comparing the Supreme Court practice of Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr with that of Jones Day. The…