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Cornell Law Review, Volume 93 Number 1 (November 2007)


Cornell Law Review, Volume 93 Number 1 (November 2007)

Articles and Responses

Blinking on the Bench: How Judges Decide Cases

Chris Guthrie, Jeffrey J. Rachlinski & Andrew J. Wistrich

Unleashing the Dogs of War: What the Constitution Means by “Declare War”

Saikrishna Prakash

Making War
Robert J. Delahunty & John Yoo

The President’s Power to Respond to Attacks
Michael D. Ramsey

A Two-Front War

Saikrishna Prakash


The Requirement for Metadata Production Under Williams V. Sprint/United Management Co.: An Unnecessary Burden for Litigants Engaged in Electronic Discovery

Lucia Cucu

“Respectful Consideration” After Sanchez-Llamas V. Oregon: Why the Supreme Court Owes More to the International Court of Justice
Steven Arrigg Koh


California Law Review, Volume 95, Issue 5 (October 2007)


Symposium: Race, Economic Justice, and Community Lawyering in the New Century


Introduction: Lawyers and Community Economic Development

William H. Simon

Faith in Community: Representing “Colored Town”

Anthony V. Alfieri

Public Interest Lawyers and Resistance Movements

Sameer M. Ashar

Law in the Labor Movement’s Challenge to Wal-Mart: A Case Study of the Inglewood Site Fight

Scott L. Cummings

Integrative Lawyering: Navigating the Political Economy of Urban Development

Shelia R. Foster and Brian Glick

From “The Art of War” to “Being Peace”: Mindfulness and Community Lawyering in the Neoliberal Age

Angela Harris, Margaretta Lin, and Jeff Selbin

Concluding Essay: The Lawyer is not the Protagonist: Community Campaigns, Law, and Social Change

Jennifer Gordon


Putative Partners: Protecting Couples from the Consequences of Technically Invalid Domestic Partnerships

Ben Johnson

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Boston College Law Review, Issue 49:1 (January 2008)


Boston College Law Review, Issue 49:1 (January 2008)


Michael L. Seigel, Corporate America Fights Back: The Battle over Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 1 (2008) [PDF]

Jacqueline D. Lipton, Who Owns “”? Political Speech and the First Amendment in Cyberspace, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 55 (2008) [PDF]

Dru Stevenson, Entrapment and Terrorism, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 125 (2008) [PDF]


Rebecca A. Kiselewich, In Defense of the 2006 Title IX Regulations for Single-Sex Public Education: How Separate Can Be Equal, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 217 (2008) [PDF]

Melissa Whitney, The Statistical Evidence of Racial Profiling in Traffic Stops and Searches: Rethinking the Use of Statistics to Prove Discriminatory Intent, 49 B.C. L. Rev. 263 (2008) [PDF]

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Columbia Law Review, Volume 107 Issue 6 (October 2007)


Columbia Law Review, Volume 107 Issue 6 (October 2007)


In Search of the Modern Skidmore Standard

Kristin E. Hickman & Matthew D. Krueger

Abolition of the Corporate Duty to Creditors

Henry T.C. Hu & Jay Lawrence Westbrook


Status on Trial: The Racial Ramifications of Admitting Prostitution Evidence under State Rape Shield Legislation

Editing Direct Democracy: Does Limiting the Subject Matter of Ballot Initiatives Offend the First Amendment?


Common Law Constitutionalism and the Limits of Reason

Adrian Vermeule


Michigan Law Review, Issue 106:2 (November 2007)


Michigan Law Review, Issue 106:2 (November 2007)

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Laura A. Rosenbury, Friends with Benefits?, 106 Mich. L. Rev. 189 (2007)

Ariel Porat, Offsetting Risks, 106 Mich. L. Rev. 243 (2007)


Nicole Stelle Garnett, Suburbs as Exit, Suburbs as Entrance, 106 Mich. L. Rev. 277 (2007)


Benjamin H. Diessel, Trolling for Trolls: The Pitfalls of the Emerging Market Competition Requirement for Permanent Injunctions in Patent Cases Post-eBay, 106 Mich. L. Rev. 305 (2007)

Peter Curtis Magic, Exclusion Confusion? A Defense of the Federal Circuit’s Specific Exclusion Jurisprudence, 106 Mich. L. Rev. 347 (2007)

Sarabeth A. Rayho, Divorcees Turn About in Their Graves as Ex-Spouses Cash In: Codified Constructive Trusts Ensure an Equitable Result Regarding ERISA-Governed Employee Benefit Plans, 106 Mich. L. Rev. 373 (2007)


The Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 96:1 (October 2007)


The Georgetown Law Journal, Issue 96:1 (October 2007)


School Naming Rights and the First Amendment’s Perfect Storm

Joseph Blocher

The One Court That Congress Cannot Take Away: Singularity, Supremacy, and Article III

Laurence Claus

Privacy’s Other Path: Recovering the Law of Confidentiality

Neil M. Richards & Daniel J. Solove

Witchcraft and Statecraft: Liberal Democracy in Africa

Nelson Tebbe


The Ties That Bind: The Constitution, Structural Restraints, and Government Action Overseas

Jessica Powley Hayden

A More Reliable Right To Present a Defense: The Compulsory Process Clause After Crawford v. Washington

Martin A. Hewett


The Yale Law Journal, Volume 117, Issue 1 (October 2007)


The Yale Law Journal, Volume 117, Issue 1 (October 2007)


Contracting for Cooperation in Recovery

Gregory Klass


“I Did Not Come Here To Defend Myself”: Responding to War on Terror Detainees’ Attempts To Dismiss Counsel and Boycott the Trial

Matthew Bloom

Realizing the Potential of the Joint Harassment/Retaliation Claim

Eisha Jain


Cleaning House: Congressional Commissioners for Standards


UCLA Law Review, Issue 55:1 (October 2007)


UCLA Law Review, Issue 55:1 (October 2007).

Melville B. Nimmer Memorial Lecture

William W. Fisher III, When Should We Permit Differential Pricing of Information?, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 1 (2007).


Jill E. Fisch, Does Analyst Independence Sell Investors Short?, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 39 (2007).

Kenneth L. Karst, The Liberties of Equal Citizens: Groups and the Due Process Clause, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 99 (2007).

Peter S. Menell & David Nimmer, Legal Realism in Action: Indirect Copyright Liability’s Continuing Tort Framework and Sony’s De Facto Demise, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 143 (2007).


Richard J. Hawkins, Dysfunctional Equivalence: The New Approach to Defining “Postal Channels” Under the Hague Service Convention, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 205 (2007).

Vanessa A. Lavely, The Path to Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage: Reconciling the Inconsistencies Between Marriage and Adoption Cases, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 247 (2007).


The University of Chicago Law Review, Issue 74:3 (Summer 2007)


The University of Chicago Law Review, Issue 74:3 (Summer 2007)


Elizabeth F. Emens, Changing Name Changing: Framing Rules and the Future of Marital Names, 74 U Chi L Rev 761 (2007)

Eric A. Posner and Adrian Vermeule, The Credible Executive, 74 U Chi L Rev 865 (2007)

Richard Rorty, Dewey and Posner on Pragmatism and Moral Progress, 74 U Chi L Rev 915 (2007)

Brian Leiter, Science and Morality: Pragmatic Reflections on Rorty’s “Pragmatism”, 74 U Chi L Rev 929 (2007)

Martha Nussbaum, On Moral Progress: A Response to Richard Rorty, 74 U Chi L Rev 939 (2007)


Ilya Beylin, Booker’s Unnoticed Victim: The Importance of Providing Notice Prior to Sua Sponte Non-Guidelines Sentences, 74 U Chi L Rev 961 (2007)

Brian J. Dunne, Enforcement of the Medicaid Act under 42 USC § 1983 after Gonzaga University v Doe: The “Dispassionate Lens” Examined, 74 U Chi L Rev 991 (2007)

Peter D. Edgerton, Banishment and the Right to Live Where You Want, 74 U Chi L Rev 1023 (2007)

Adam M. Snyder, Equitable Remedies in Civil RICO Actions: In Support of Allowing District Courts to Order Disgorgement, 74 U Chi L Rev 1057 (2007)

Book Review

Brett M. Frischmann, Cultural Environmentalism and The Wealth of Networks, 74 U Chi L Rev 1083 (2007)