Author: UC Davis Law Review


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 48:2 (December 2014)

Symposium — Not Equal Yet: Building upon Foundations of Relationship Equality

Law Review Symposium 2014 — Keynote by Erwin Chemerinsky
Erwin Chemerinsky

Standing Up for Direct Democracy: Who Can Be Empowered Under Article III to Defend Initiatives in Federal Court?
Vikram David Amar

United States v. Windsor, Marriage, and the Dangers of Discernment
David B. Cruz

Constitutional Crossroads and the Canon of Rational Basis Review
Katie R. Eyer

Evaluating the Methodology of Social Science Research on Sexual Orientation and Parenting: A Tale of Three Studies
Gregory M. Herek

The Perils of Family Law Localism
Courtney G. Joslin

Children as Proto-Citizens: Equal Protection, Citizenship, and Lessons from the Child-Centered Cases
Catherine E. Smith and Susannah W. Pollvogt

The Jurisprudence of Denigration
Steven D. Smith

When Governments Insulate Dissenters from Social Change: What Hobby Lobby and Abortion Conscience Clauses Teach About Specific Exemptions
Robin Fretwell Wilson


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 48:1 (November 2014)


Rights Speech
Timothy Zick

Vertical Power
Michael S. Green

Immigration Law and the Myth of Comprehensive Registration
Nancy Morawetz & Natasha Fernández-Silber

Toward a New Equilibrium in Personal Jurisdiction
Charles W. “Rocky” Rhodes & Cassandra Burke Robertson

The (Un)Enforcement of Corporate Officers’ Duties
Megan W. Shaner

Against Confidentiality
Dru Stevenson


California Dreamin’: Tax Scholarship in a Time of Fiscal Crisis
Joseph Bankman & Paul L. Caron


Windsor, FAFSA, and Retroactivity: A Critique of the Department of Education’s Guidance on Same-Sex Spousal Reporting
John Ormonde


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 47:5 (June 2014)



Leaving Home? Domicile, Family, and Gender
Susan Frelich Appleton

Town of Greece v. Galloway: Constitutional Challenges to State-Sponsored Prayers at Local Government Meetings
Alan Brownstein


Watching Me: The War on Crime, Privacy, and the State
Kimberly D. Bailey

Beyond the Judicial Fourth Amendment: The Prosecutor’s Role
Russell M. Gold

From Protest to Perry: How Litigation Shaped the LGBT Movement’s Agenda
Gwendolyn M. Leachman

Reasonable Accommodation as Professional Responsibility, Reasonable Accommodation as Professionalism
Alex B. Long

Blightened Scrutiny
Andrew Tutt

“Law and Counterrevolution: Charles Beard and the Origins of American Constitutionalism,” Papers Presented at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Legal History

Fletcher v. Peck and Constitutional Development in the Early United States
Gerald Leonard

The Legal Counterrevolution: The Jurisprudence of Constitutional Reform in 1787
Aaron T. Knapp


Undoing Hardship: Applying the Principles of Dodd-Frank to the Law Student Debt Crisis
Christopher Gorman


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 47:4 (April 2014)



The First Amendment’s Firstness

Akhil Reed Amar

Festschrift Honoring Angela Harris

Honoring Angela Harris: A Review of “Gender, Violence, Race, and Criminal Justice”

Cynthia Lee

In Honor of Angela Harris: Finding Breathing Space, Embracing the Contradictions, and “Education Work”

Stephanie M. Wildman

Breaking Glass: Identity, Community and Epistemology in Theory, Law and Education

Francisco Valdes

Professor Angela P. Harris: A Life of Power at the Intersection: When the Equality Walk Matches the Equality Talk

Professor Emma Coleman Jordan


The Jury As Constitutional Identity

Andrew Guthrie Ferguson

The Mobile Health Revolution?

Nathan Cortez

Disability, Development, and Human Rights: A Mandate and Framework for International Financial Institutions

Michael Ashley Stein & Penelope J.S. Stein

The Knowledge/Embodiment Dichotomy

Kevin Emerson Collins

CEOs and Presidents

Tom C.W. Lin


The TPP & Its Broken Promises

Kelly Volkar




UC Davis Law Review, Issue 47:3 (February 2014)


Symposium — Brand New World: Distinguishing Oneself in the Global Flow, Part II

Superflex Keynote Speech: If Value, Then Copy

Marks Indicating Conditions of Origin in Rights-Based Sustainable Development
Nicole Aylwin & Rosemary J. Coombe

2014: Brand Totalitarianism
Peter S. Menell

Bounded by Brands: An Information Network Approach to Trademarks
Deven R. Desai

Shanzhai, Sumptuary Law, and Intellectual Property Law in Contemporary China
Barton Beebe

Trademark Cosmopolitanism
Sonia K. Katyal

Slow Logo: Brand Citizenship in Global Value Networks
Margaret Chon

The First Trademark Case at Common Law? The Story of Singleton v. Bolton (1783)
Lionel Bently