Pikettian Law Schools

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7 Responses

  1. Orin Kerr says:

    I suspect the dynamic is less “the rich get richer” than “those in great demand are less sensitive to decreasing demand.”

  2. Howard Wasserman says:

    Lawrence: Not sure where you got your information on FIU, but we did not buy anyone out, much less invest in “significant buyouts.” We were fortunate enough to hire two early-tenured laterals, that’s it.

  3. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Howard: Thanks for the correction; I apologize for the mistake and edited the post. –LC

  4. Seems like the law schools are competing like businesses, which in a way, I guess is right. As a business you want to be the best, seems like this is what his happening, and in turn, is ‘making the rich, richer’ as you put it.

  5. Tom Campbell says:

    Professor Cunningham: May I please ask you to note that your information on Chapman is inaccurate. We did not buy out any faculty. In fact, this year, we added four new faculty members, including a significant lateral hire, Lan Cao, who was a Boyd Fellow and Professor of Law at William and Mary Law School before joining our faculty last fall. She is now the Betty Hutton Williams Professor of International Law at the Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law. Thank you for correcting your post.

  6. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Tom: Thanks for the note. I’ve omitted Chapman from my list. I also modified it to clarify that the list of reported buyouts is not limited to a particular academic year, but have been developing over a couple of years since the crisis hit.

  7. James Jones says:

    Another view: schools doing the hiring are irresponsible, still driving student costs up with reckless abandon, and those doing the buyouts are responsible and interested in their students. Not all Columbia et al students, though paying $150,000+ for a JD, have jobs or well-paying jobs. Kudos to the faculty of Seton Hall, Vermont et al who accepted their schools offers to retire early. (Sorry Tom, as Chapman would have looked better being on the list of buyouts than on big time hiring!)