Unions as Bottlenecks?

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2 Responses

  1. Zofia Stemplowska says:

    Instead of creating a new post, I thought I’d piggy-back on this very interesting discussion. As both this discussion over the trade unions, and the post about healthcare, illustrate the idea of bottlenecks has a great, and illuminating, grip on the imagination. I know it does because I have been thinking in terms of bottlenecks ever since reading Joey’s MPhil thesis where he first set out the idea. I do, though, disagree somewhat about just how foundational the idea of opportunity pluralism can be: often – though not always – the very reason why lack of opportunity is worrying is because mere luck should not be allowed to shape people’s lives as much as it does when bottlenecks have the wrong shapes (though, as the case of trade unions show, just what shape that should be is a complicated question). If so, then perhaps opportunity pluralism should be seen as more in symbiosis with luck egalitarianism than the book suggests (though I realise that this brief remark, obviously, does not engage with Joey’s objections from chapter 1).

  2. Lea Shaver says:

    This is an interesting example of a dynamic that seems to be (at least potentially) both bottleneck and bottle-opener! Is that extremely rare? Or actually quite common?