FAN.6 (First Amendment News) — Cellphone Privacy & the First Amendment


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5 Responses

  1. This is a great inspiring article. I am pretty much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information. Keep it up. Keep blogging. Looking to reading your next post.

  2. Ronald K.L. Collins says:

    I write for folks like you — thanks for the kind words.

  3. The bracelets were called “boobie bracelets” not boogie bracelets. They read “I love boobies”. I strongly agree with the result but I think its important to understand why the school objected.

  4. Ronald K.L. Collins says:

    Fixed — thanks

  5. I agree that if you have not yet read Judge D. Brooks Smith’s opinion in Easton, then you are really missing out on some important facts that effects everyone.