Gay Polygamy in Utah!

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8 Responses

  1. JFE says:

    Allowing same-sex couples to marry simply allows any person to marry any other person they wish, provided both are unmarried at minimum age laws are followed.

    Polygamy would grant a NEW right to everybody to marry more than one person. Currently, ALL Americans are prohibited from marrying more than one person. That’s equality under the law.

  2. anonymous says:

    How rare is criminalizing co-habition? I think we have that here in Ohio as well. Just not sure Utah’s statute was that quirky — maybe other states have the same law but just enforce it differently (or not at all).

  3. Shag from Brookline says:

    Have we heard fro libertine libertarians on this?

  4. Jimbino says:

    The interesting thing is that a Mormon can marry a sequence of women, divorcing each after 10 years and 5 babies. When they reach retirement age, the current wife and all 4 ex-wives, as well as all 50 kids, will be entitled to share in his SS benefits at the gummint trough, even though none has ever worked outside the home.

    That would be a deal interesting to a lot of foreign women.

  5. Brett Bellmore says:

    “Currently, ALL Americans are prohibited from marrying more than one person. That’s equality under the law.”

    Formerly, ALL Americans were prohibited from marrying somebody of the same gender. And the idea that that was equality under the law was mocked, even though it was just as true.

    I really don’t see laws against polygamy standing, if SSM is accepted. Polygamy is a far more established form of marriage, endorsed by several major world religions, it being outlawed in the first place was about as blatant a violation of religious liberty you could imagine.

    And what public policy basis exists for outlawing it, that could not be argued to be based on squick and animus, which we’re told are no permissible basis for the law?

    No, I think the slippery slope just went vertical, and we will shortly be arguing about bestiality. (Which can be distinguished, so that’s where the slope levels out.)

  6. Shag from Brookline says:


    “No, I think the slippery slope just went vertical, ….”

    defines a cliff. Has our anarcho-libertarian segued into a libertine-libertarian? As to the slope leveling out with bestiality, that requires some explanation as I am a city kid and unaware or rural culture (although I did read Deliverance).

  7. Random Person says:

    While its easy to talk about a slippery slope here, that almost misses the point…gay marriage is part of a social trend towards the redefinition of marriage. This is where the bleeding edge is now:

  8. PHP says:

    Its so funny watching the radical left scramble to disassociate themselves from what they have done. All jumping up and down to say this one court decision is not a victory for polygamy. I seem to recall similar offerings when the first decisions in favour of gay marriage came about. This decision is just the very first salvo, in the legalizing of polygamy, and it will go a lot faster than for “gay marriage”, polygamy ahs a history of acceptance. Not just in the US but around the world, it is still practised in Muslim countries, in fact the President of the largest economy in Africa Zuma has multiple wives.
    You guys broke the definition of marriage and now you are shocked that you weren’t the only ones to pick up the pieces and put them back together in the image you desire. Oops.
    To the straight lefties who are trying to assuage their conscience for supporting “gay marriage” by saying I’ve been married for X years and nothing has changed, of course it has, you don’t change anything from what it was to something new without first destroying what it was before.
    Marriage was between a man and woman, a tree is a tree, cut down a tree and make a house and its no longer a tree its a wooden house, marriage is now (for the moment) between two consenting adults of any sex, the next step thanks to you is marriage is between consenting adults, full stop. One woman and three men, or two men and four women, you broke it you bought it.
    Don’t be hypocrites and accept what you have done.
    As for me, congratulations, you’ve won, I wont fight for tradition, or respect or marriage any more, because marriage is not what I grew up to believe it was. So why would I fight to stop it including polygamy or anything else now that you have broken it.