Peter Thiel’s Government Shutdown and McCutcheon v. FEC

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2 Responses

  1. Ken Gordon says:

    Yes it has always been clear that there was a conflict between freedom and democracy. Unlimited freedom is what the lion has in the jungle. He can eat all the small mammals he wants. If you make a rule or pass a law that their are limits it interferes with his freedom. A red light interferes with freedom. There cannot be unlimited freedom and also justice, equality or democracy. Finding the balance is why Federal judges and members of Congress are paid more than the minimum wage. It takes some thinking. Thinking isn’t in style these days. It also interferes with freedom.

  2. AYY says:

    Okay, well you asked for comments, so let’s start at the beginning:
    “Peter Thiel’s Government Shutdown . . . ”

    Thiel didn’t shut down the government. Obama did.

    “Peter Thiel–who made over $600 million on his facebook investment– to give $2 million to Club for Growth. Thiel is the largest Club for Growth donor.

    Club for Growth spent over $5 million supporting Ted Cruz’ primary challenge last year.”

    He gave $2 million and they spent $5 million and he shut down the government? To put things in perspective wouldn’t we want to know how much the casino industry gave to Harry Reid, or how much Soros or the Hollywood media types gave to left wing causes. I don’t have the figures but I’ll bet it’s way more than $2 million.

    “It was a long shot challenge, but Cruz prevailed. And then went on to work on shutting down government.””

    Nope. See there’s a Senate and a House. Cruz is in the Senate. The Senate majority leader is Harry Reid. He’s the one who has a lot more to do with shutting down the government than Ted Cruz. We also have an Executive Branch. That’s what the President is in charge of. He doesn’t seem to want to negotiate. Last I checked he was going to veto a bill to fund the NIH during the shutdown so that kids suffering from cancer would get treated.

    “I am sure some members of Congress favoring the shut down have sincere ideological opposition to government”

    I don’t think any of them favor the shut down. Of those who are willing to support the shutdown, many of them are Democrats. They comprise a majority of the Senate. They tend to favor big government. I can’t think of anyone in Congress who has an opposition to government.

    “But many of them have also adopted Thiel’s anarchism for instrumental reasons that have nothing to do with their districts, and everything to do with their memory of the Cruz primary, and their awareness of the threat if they are insufficiently anarchistic.”

    I don’t think “anarchism” means what you think it means.

    “They aren’t expressing their views: they are expressing Thiels”

    Are you talking about Obama and Reid, or did you leave them out of the picture? If you mean those who oppose Obamacare, then Obamacare is not the most popular legislation that was ever passed. If you mean those who are concerned about the debt ceiling, then Thiel might have a point.

    “It also legitimated and normalized wealthy individuals spending millions for policy reasons ”

    Hah. What do you think Soros was doing with his money before Citizen’s United?

    “money, like water, flows to its highest source is wrong”

    Okay I agree with that. Water flows downhill.

    “Or rather, it flows there a lot slower when the Supreme Court isn’t helping it out.”

    It’s that darn First Amendment again.