Service with a (Surgically-Induced) Smile: Gender Norms at Work

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  1. Frank Pasquale says:

    I totally agree, Suzanne–these are very troubling developments. It reminds me of a recent discussion on the problem of “Second Generation” gender bias:
    where women are caught in “Double binds”: be attractive, but not too attractive; be deferential, but not overly so; etc. The “lipt” surgery is almost like a precommitment strategy to one pole (“always be nice”) inscribed on the body. And one has to wonder what types of alienation develop if the “mask becomes face.”

    The cosmetic surgery industrial complex is something that’s concerned me over the years here; a collection of links appears below. It’s astonishing how often it plays into and reinforces biases: via “face-whitening creams,” or not-so-subtle attempts to stoke anxiety about wrinkles, etc.

    And to think that so many dermatologists enter this field, when so many patients can’t even get access to basic care to detect incipient skin cancer: