Secret Adjudications: the No Fly List, the Right to International Air Travel, and Procedural Justice?

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1 Response

  1. Thomas Frederick Conlon Cpt USA Retd says:

    Very informative review, and show how sloppy this ‘Homeland’
    Security was creared out of FEMA. Coast Guard. Created to
    safeguard American Citizens it ignored the effectiveness of
    training up the already pretty astute boarding personnel,
    especially those at departure pointe for foreign ports.
    As a travel agency owner I was amazed that routine procedures
    about cash sales at ticket counters were relaxed to a degree
    beyond even what most retail travel agents even in small
    towns like Cumberland were required to follow. These measures
    could have foiled take overs or effectively alerted one or two of the flights that killed thousands on September 11th.

    Scrutinizing eveyone,or all phone calls, etc. can never be
    perfect due to volume and the time and massive payrolls
    involved merely waste funding better adapted to other means
    of prevention. Keep following the issue It is ineed of reform! Thomas F Conlon Life Member The Travel Institute