Coming out of the Abortion Closet

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2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    A powerful chapter in Julia Sweeney’s (the actress who also has three full length monologues) latest book on motherhood (she adopted by herself a girl from China) is an extended account of the abortion pre-Roe of her mother-in-law. Sweeney also discusses her own under vastly different circumstances.

    Were some just expecting a cute book on motherhood upset when they noticed a chapter on abortion?

  2. jimbino says:

    Folks who choose not to have children are heavily penalized in our society–first, because they are heavily taxed to support the decision of others to breed, second, because their books, films, TV and even public parks and museums are censored to make life safe for other people’s children, and third, because they have to put up with obnoxious kids in supermarket aisle and other public venues.

    If the gummint taxed every Ford buyer to support purchases of Government Motors’ cars, you wouldn’t say that Amerikans are free to choose their cars.