Special Education v. Democracy

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15 Responses

  1. I am glad to read this post, its an interesting one.

  2. Anna C says:

    This is a very interesting article. This problem is actually exist and i do like methods author wrote. If those kids will get this kind of help it be really good. There are other sources where differnt people can get help and essay samples .

  3. there should be laws introduce to stop this types of activity. Its feels like all laws are left for law assignment services that helps students.

  4. There should be laws for the special children protection as they are also the part of this world

  5. These special children are the gift from God and we should provide such rules and regulation which help them live freely

  6. This is a very good article. I am glad to have read it. These special children are a gift from God and we should not restrict them in any way. We are all born free and so should live free.

  7. Do job, Nicely written content. Appreciated work, Keep sharing that sort of content.

  8. Very nice to visit this post appreciative suggestions according to the rules and principles.

  9. It’s such a great content you have shared through this platform. I like the way of your writing.

  10. This is what I was looking for half an hour. Thanks!

  11. Special education is very important for all students.

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  13. Education and democracy is two different thing.But democracy is nothing without education.

  14. The focus on education in favor of skills to students needs will do long-term

  15. There should be regulations for your unique kids safety because they are also your section of this specific planet.