Spitzer’s Unforgivable Character Flaw: Hypocrisy

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4 Responses

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    There’s something troubling about making hypocrisy the ultimate sin: The best way to insulate yourself against charges of hypocrisy is to lack any principles.

    Personally, I prefer that vice at least feel the need to pay tribute to virtue, rather than be so bold as to deny that tribute.

  2. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Brett: Sounds okay in the abstract, though not sure it changes my view of the Spitzer situation, given the facts.

  3. Ken Rhodes says:

    I don’t think Lawrence has identified hypocrisy as a “sin.” Rather, I think, he has identified hypocrisy as a “character flaw” which would disqualify Spitzer for any public position of trust.

    Some may think that making a distinction between “sin” and “character flaw” is pedantic. I do not. A “sin” is an action which is immoral. Sins are routinely “repented” by the sinner and “forgiven” by the victims/peers.

    Character flaws, OTOH, are attributes, not actions. So I agree with Lawrence that this attribute of Spitzer’s disqualifies him.

  4. Litigator says:

    Great post, Lawrence.