Unintended Consequences of Scholarship

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5 Responses

  1. George Conk says:

    “Teach well, help your students, write articles, books, op-eds, essays, white papers; give workshops and lectures; testify and run host conferences; meet the press; today I extol blogging as well—as I do here at Concurring Opinions.”
    All good but what about the practice of law?
    For a vision of an alternative model, see my `People’s Electric: Engaged Legal Education at Rutgers-Newark in the 60’s and ’70’s’!
    – GWC

  2. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    George: Oops, yes, of course, thanks to the addendum!

  3. AP says:

    “[T]he board of trustees have now banned attempts at public joke telling on the OSU campus…”

    Is that a joke?

  4. AS says:

    “The opportunity to write it came to me from a former student.”

    You gave me an A in contracts. I owed you one.

  5. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    AP: yes, it is my joke, banning jokes being something as absurdly dumb as having a great president such as Gee resign.

    AS: you earned that A!