Deals without Bankers: Salomon and Benjamin Moore

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2 Responses

  1. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Trivia note: Smith v. van Gorkum involved the sale of Trans Union to the Marmon Group, then owned by the Pritzker family, and now owned by Berkshire (although Trans Union businesses had been spun off between Marmon’s purchase of it and Marmon’s sale to Berkshire).

  2. Lee Fleming says:

    Mr. Mundheim needs to read the NY Post articles of this year, others that have gone seriously viral and the FOX Business and Bloomberg TV reports of just the past few days. Ben is a troubled company – 3 CEO’s in just 15 months, 25% of its workforce gone since the 2005 peak, dramatically slumping market share, hyper-price increases and an upside down pension plan which was in superb shape before Berkshire stepped in. And he may also be struggling with selective memory; yes, it failed to achieve a public offering but was it just a pricing issue or were there other mitigating factors? I think the latter and if he really focuses he might too.