The Pervasive Role of Priors: Part Two

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2 Responses

  1. Ken Rhodes says:

    I like what you wrote, up to but NOT including your “bottom line.”

    At that point you crossed the road from walking along the path of “how we think about things” to a different path, “how we ought to run our government.” It isn’t only the libertarians who think government regulation ought to be strongly justified. It isn’t because I think the government folks are dishonest or corrupt. It’s not because I don’t trust the folks doing the regulation, but just because that’s the way I think government control over our lives ought to be managed–by strong justification, not simply by trusting the good guys.

  2. Claire Hill says:

    I am not expressing a view as to how we ought to run our government. Nor do I think the priors I discuss are the only possible ones. Certainly, a person can think regulation needs strong justification for reasons other than having a prior that government folks are dishonest or corrupt. My point was just that two people arguing about regulation might in fact have the priors I discuss, and never get anywhere in their argument because of the priors.