Nondelegation, now available in 32-ounce sizes

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2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Judge Milton Tingling sounds like an interesting character (see, e.g., a NY Daily News article). He has a great name too. As to the legitimacy of the ruling, it’s good to get both sides (personally, I think Prof. Hills oversells his position, but I won’t pretend to know who’s right here) or at least two sides, on this interesting ruling.

    Hopefully, there is a way for an appeal and some clarity at least from a multimember panel. Remember all, “Supreme Court” in NY is the district level. The highest is “Court of Appeals.” The middle, Appellate Division.

  2. mls says:

    My main interest is in finding out what Shag is going to do with the judge’s name. Hopefully not something obvious like a Chris Matthews leg reference.