Jonathan Simon on Leslie Henry’s The Jurisprudence of Dignity

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2 Responses

  1. Jordan J. Paust says:

    Many years ago, I wrote an article on Human Rights and the Ninth Amendment: A New Form of Guarantee, 60 Cornell L. Rev. 231 (1975). It was later recognized by two historians as being among the best articles on the Bill of Rights in U.S. history — a large group, however.
    Human Rights were of critical concern to many of the Founders and Framers. The Ninth Amendment was part of a compromise and was to operate like a savings clause.

  2. Jordan J. Paust says:

    p.s. I had an article on Human Dignity as a Constitutional Rights in 27 Howard L. Rev. 145 (1984). It documented most of the uses of the precept of human dignity in U.S. cases up to that point in time.