The Problem of Police Contamination

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  1. George M. Zuganelis says:

    Some Chicago police have found a way around the “police contamination” problem. They coerce a defense witness into changing his/her original statement so that they could be impeached at trial with prior inconsistant statements. I am working on a Post Conviction Petition right now where that exact thing happened. It was a bench trial before the infamous judge, Thomas Maloney, whom everyone in Cook County knows did 16 years in federal prison for extorting bribes in murder cases. My client has been incarcerated for the past 25 years for 2 murders he did not commit, all because he did not bribe Maloney.
    To the point, however. A 13 years old defense alibi witness was taken by the police at 2 in the morning on several occasions to the station. Her parents were not allowed to accompany her. They were poor people and feared the police. She was locked in a cold interrogation room for hours. While cold and sleepy, the Chicago police badgered her repeatedly until she did not know what the truth was. Then she made statements that were used to impeach her at trial.
    Also, several Chicago police officers were fired about 20 years ago for coercing false testimony from eyewitnesses.
    So it’s just not false confessions that are the problem.