Whither Elmo?

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4 Responses

  1. AnonLawProf says:

    FWIW, I find this cross-posting at CO and PrawfsBlawg to be quite annoying. I would guess that the readership of CO and PB overlap significantly, and perhaps other readers are also annoyed. If you must cross-post, I would prefer a simple link to the original post, so that you do not take up as much blog real estate. But it is your blog, and I know I am free to stop reading if it annoys me too much.

  2. EW says:

    Agree with AnonLawProf. I find the cross posting of the same articles annoying and confusing. It makes me less inclined to go to the sites.

  3. Joe says:

    I check both sites but don’t find cross-posting a big deal. Some actually would find a simple link annoying. Also, there isn’t a total overlap of readership. A rather short post also seems a not great choice to suggest the ‘problem.’

    But, it’s subjective, so others might disagree.

  4. Danielle and company were kind enough to invite me for a guest stint here and I was happy to accept, because while there is some overlap in audience, there are differences, particularly in the conversations that even the same post generates. I am sorry to hear some of you find the cross-posts annoying, but they are inevitable. I am not carrying out my guest obligations here with a short post linking to something I wrote on Prawfs and I am not carrying out my permanent obligations at Prawfs with a short post linking to something I write here. And FWIW, both Gerard and Frank are regulars at Balkin and post the same things at both places.