The Party Is Not Over: Of SuperPACs, Saddlebags, and the Survival of the Parties Post-Citizens United

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1 Response

  1. Eric Hodgdon says:

    Strengthened parties has no bearing on better government, when those parties controlling governments are few with rules to exclude others through various means which they themselves create.

    Making it easier for voters to rubber stamp a party ticket could not be much better than not having elections. The ability for voters to not have to think when voting does seem counter productive to the theory of our systems as explained 225 years ago.

    Much is said about competition in economics, however, it’s rather disingenuous when observation reveals bigness equals fewer choices, case in point are the national hardware giants which reduce the number of products and remove local money, thus creating a drain to an economy. But, less money will buy cheaper low priced items. However, cheaper items don’t last as long.

    The same applies to political parties, where the machine is so great as to restrict competition.

    Doing away with the party system will bring greater abilities to light by way of thoughts over appearance, substance over rote. A party-less approach will revive citizen government.

    Restoring proper representation in legislatures and the House will revive rational oversight and reduce spending. See for details.

    As with any large country or empire, they do not last. Or, are governed poorly. Such is the case in the USA, where Regional governments will be a better way and bring our representatives within reasonable distance for our required oversight.

    Continuing with an un-Constitutional federal government as though all is OK, is not an option.