Marriage equality in the Supreme Court

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4 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    I would think even in the somewhat playing with the numbers death penalty jurisprudence NINE states isn’t enough to state the nation-wide trend. Take the DOMA case, toss in some nice Kennedy sounding rhetoric with SSM application & wait.

  2. Not just the Second Circuit– the First Circuit also held DOMA unconstitutional a while back. In fact, there’s no circuit split on the issue, and every court to confront the constitutionality of DOMA since February, 2011 has invalidated it.

  3. mls says:

    Actually, it can (and will) be argued that the results on Tuesday cut against finding a right to gay marriage because they show that gays have ample power to compete in the political process. Of course, neither this nor any other legal argument will determine the result in the case. Justice Kennedy will decide where he wants to come out, and then words will be written to justify the result.

  4. vic fedorov says:

    I define marriage as an institution of reproduction.