Athletes and politics

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3 Responses

  1. Hume says:

    Is there a political equality issue somewhere in here? Athletes, movie stars, etc., have incredible cultural influence and with social media, incredible ability to influence socio-political debate. Two important areas of political equality are the deliberative and agenda-setting stages. So, how should we approach this issue?

  2. W I generally reject the political-equality rationale where it comes to speech. The notion that speech should be rejected because it might be influential is, to my mind, inconsistent with any good understanding of free expression. And the notion that someone should have less ability or right to speak out on issues because he has achieved success or fame in life (the basic argument in the Maryland rep’s argument about Ayanbadejo) is bizarre.

  3. Hume says:

    I basically agree, although the issue is not one about stunting speech and certainly not about speech *being* influential but about one person’s capacity to reach a much wider audience simply because she is famous.