Overlong Resumes, Redux: What Would Alex Kozinski Do?

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7 Responses

  1. Paul Gowder says:

    I really hope that employers aren’t judging students on the details of typography to the point of inspecting their en-dashes…

  2. Your advice is great, but your reference to Kozinski is just silly. Do you really think that the committee making decisions about judicial candidates recommended him based solely his CV? I’m pretty sure most employers, including law school hiring committees, don’t have legions of people examining the backgrounds of their candidates.

  3. Kyle Graham says:

    Kevin: I am guilty as charged of using a very, very small aperture as an excuse to post the Kozinski resume. Happily, I take “just silly” as a high compliment.

  4. You left out the most important point: How did he do on The Dating Game?

  5. Thanks. So he’s just not another pretty face

  6. Jordan J. Paust says:

    I once had a student who came to me somewhat distraught — he was only in the middle of his class, how could he get a job? I asked if he did well in any particular area or cluster of courses and seminars. “Yes,” he replied, in the business area. I told him that he should mention such in his resume — under J.D. at U of H. he did, and as I recall, he was hired partly because of his accomplishments in the business area.