Excerpts from My Upcoming Book, The Law Student’s Guide to Being on Call (Part I of II)

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5 Responses

  1. Perhaps asub-speciies of Socratus Chaotis is Socratus Terroratus. I am a proud member

  2. Trudy R. says:

    I took a class from a Socratis Chaotis who called on me every class period for 9 weeks in a row. It was really annoying at the time, but it forced me to be extremely prepared for class. I could probably still tell people anything they want to know about International Shoe or the Erie doctrine.

  3. Kyle says:

    @Bill: Identifying all of the professorial subspecies would tax even Linnaeus

  4. Howard Wasserman says:

    Two more:

    1) Volunteer Professor: No cold-calling and only takes volunteers, but participation is marked as a portion of the grade, so there’s a big incentive to participate. Functionally, you’re always on call, so it may be a cousin of Random-Order Professor, but you also have a chance to pick your spots.

    2) Around-the-Room Professor: Calls on students by following the seating chart. Can get tricky by moving around different parts of the room and changing the order in which the room moves.

  5. Kyle says:

    @Howard: Thank you for providing me with additional material for the paperback edition, which will no doubt boost its sales. I promise, as one professorial paleontologist to another, to give you due credit for your discoveries.