Admittedly Dumb Idea (Number Three): Baby’s First Book of _____ Law

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5 Responses

  1. Jumbo Hunch says:

    I think a law book for kids could be pretty useful, especially if you’re able to finger your child as a nutjob early on. Nothing like early prevention to stop psychos from going, you know, psycho:

  2. Shag from Brookline says:

    Here’s a comment I posted at another blog post on “Shortage of Lawyers”:


    Mell’s “Miss Peach” was one of my favorite comic strips. One that I photocopied and placed on a wall in my law office decades ago features a banner: “Future Lawyers of America Meet Here.” Student Ira was on a dais, addressing his fellow students, one of whom asked: “What do you hope to attain as a lawyer, Ira?” His response:

    “I hope to make my name a household word in the world of law. In other words, my ambition is to sue every man, woman and child in the United States!!”

    My caption for this posting was:

    August 1, 2008 7:18 AM


    Alas, apparently there is presently no shortage of lawyers. But such a successful class action could pay off student loans.

  3. Joan Heminway says:

    I’ll bet my kids (now 20 and 22) wouldn’t have touched books in this series–and still wouldn’t today. Anything with “law” in it is suspect. But then again, my daughter used to make up stories for any book she picked up when she was a toddler–and was known to pick up cookbooks with nice pictures to do that. So, maybe I am wrong . . . .

    I would write the “Baby’s First Book of Securities Regulation.” But I will note here that the JOBS Act provides for crowdfunding (which is, in some–but not all–circles, deemed to be a type of crowdsourcing), just in case anyone is paying attention to that part of your post . . . . :>)

  4. lak banning says:

    They do say that kids learn alot in their earlier years. I guess learning about all of this at such an early stage would be useful as long it was written in a way where really young kids could understand really basic concepts. These days small children are able to learn about computers and what computers do quite well so learning about law may not be a problem if it was done right. The subject of any law is complex so the content would have to be really simple to understand. Most young kids know a policeman when they see one so maybe this would be a starting point…….but I am no expert.