United States v. Skinner: Developments in the Surveillance State and a Response

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2 Responses

  1. Nate says:

    The Sixth Circuit’s “decision” in US v. Skinner should be a textbook example of how NOT to write a Judicial Decision in the area of Search & Seizure law. The so-called “decision” totally failed to provide any meaningful details as to the exact nature of the information collected; the manner in which the information was collected; the relevant time periods for which the information was collected, etc. etc.

  2. Eric Hodgdon says:

    All but the 3rd Amendment are in various states of decay, disrespect, and degeneracy. I’d hope these words were not needed, but they are.

    Because of the switch to a national government during the Civil War, we no longer have a federal government. From the cessation of representation in the House after the 1910 census, we no longer have a republican form of government. Taking these two into consideration, the Surveillance State is a natural progression. Our Republic is dead.

    Isolating issues detracts from the Big Picture View.

    The undeclared and continual wars, the claim of killing anyone in the world without trial or charges, etc., etc., etc., speaks to the alterations described above. This, tragically, is what my fellow citizens seem to prefer – an usurpation of the Constitution. By ignoring the proper way to amend the Constitution, those who have been involved, through the centuries, in creating our system of today, have indoctrinated the citizens to accept the false as truth. Thus, we have an intact Constitution, but we have a false government in Washington DC.

    False in the sense that it does not conform to the Constitution. Steps could have been taken to amend the Constitution, but the will to ‘face up’ and be truthful has been lacking. One could derive at and use the word schizophrenic in describing the acceptance and use, but not the acknowledgment of these changes. With straight faces, our public servants in Washington DC keep saying we have a free and open society with the rule of law, while at the same time the drone attacks continue, the pervasive surveillance framework increases, the local police forces become militarized.

    The people of this country need to come to terms with reality and properly state we have an Empire, or re-instate our lawful and rightful Republic. Continuing as we have without confirming the truth is more than dishonest.