The Parenting Debate

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3 Responses

  1. Jimbino says:

    This is largely a static analysis of the problem. What often happens when single, child-free men are abused in the “benefits,” is that they don’t stick around.

    When I faced the problem of being cheated in the benefit department 45 years ago, I quit and became a contract engineer for twice the pay and no benefits, leaving only the breeders behind to share in low pay and big benefits.

    The problem is more acute for a non-breeding young female, since her job prospects are limited as you mention, with the result that she, especially, should move into independent-contractor or consulting work, or open her own business.

  2. J.R. Wilheim says:

    I guess I see this as an area where men and women are not exactly similarly situated, but should be equal. Obviously, the law needs to grant women–specifically women–the legal right to the time needed to physically recover from childbirth. Does this mean only maternity leave should exist? Maybe, maybe not.

  3. Jimbino says:

    I’m not opposed to maternity leave, only maternity leave financed by non-breeders, particularly me. A college education promises great benefit but costs the student tens of thousands of dollars in lost wages. Parents who want the “benefit” of breeding likewise need to bear the costs.

    The sad truth is that many folks breed exactly because breeding is so heavily subsidized in our society. The last thing we need to do is subsidize it even more, especially since we can get potty-trained eager workers from neighboring countries.