Stanford Law Review Online: The Dirty Little Secret of (Estate) Tax Reform

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2 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    This is exactly why we need The Neutral Tax ( so we can end the special interest tax lobby in Washington and start shedding more light on our state governments as well.

  2. Don R. Kinney says:

    This article misses the largest impact on taxpayers if the estate tax is eliminaqted; that is the step-up in basis afforded to 99% of taxpayers. For estates under $10 million, there is no estate tax and assets could be sold with a fair market value, so no taxes would likely be due. With no estate tax, 99% of taxpayers will be subject to a basis that was the decedents (if you can even find what that might be)and will pay capital gains taxes when assets are sold. When our representatives lie to us saying the estate tax hurts small farmers and businesses, it is just not true.