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2 Responses

  1. Howard Wasserman says:

    Actually, one of the interesting (and ignored) things is how much sports *is* all about luck, especially in a single game or a short series. A lot depends on just how big the gap between the teams is. For every game like this, there are countless examples in which the better team let a weaker team hang around for a long time and ultimately ended up losing when strange things happened.

  2. A.J. Sutter says:

    Affirming Howard: e.g. World & European football (soccer) champions Spain being eliminated in the first round of Olympic competition, after losing to Japan and Honduras.

    And then there are the sports where winning is dependent on judging, adding other things to the mix than achievement, skill and luck.

    And, apropos of the “many things,” there are things like the ability to find and retain a job, in which achievement and skill are gradually becoming less reliable guarantors of success.

    The tendency of sports to brand people as winners and losers is maybe not what we ought to admire most about them. Is someone who gets a gold as the product of a multi-million-dollar, high-tech national program that he has pursued full-time for years more “truly great” than someone from a poorer country who makes it into the Olympic finals while she’s been working her day job or taking care of a sick family member? I’m not sure it’s so easy to say.