NVRA (National Voter Registration Act) vs. Voter ID and Other Voter Access Challenges

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5 Responses

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    “As noted earlier, Georgia is not alone in its obstinance in implementing the NVRA.”

    Indeed, the Justice department itself is rather obstinate on the subject of implementing the portion of the NVRA relating to purging registration lists.

  2. Shag from Brookline says:

    Indeed, the Justice Department is obstinate in ” … successfully defending the NVRA’s constitutionality.”

  3. JoeJP says:

    Among the efforts listed in the link provided:

    “reached an agreement with Maine officials to help ensure and protect the accuracy and integrity of Maine’s statewide voter registration list”

    “The consent decree [Indiana] which requires county election officials to develop and implement uniform rules and policies governing the maintenance of an accurate and current voter registration roll for elections was entered on July 5.”

    “The United States filed its complaint on November 23, 2005, against the State of Missouri and the Missouri Secretary of State alleging violations of the voter registration list maintenance requirements of Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act.”

    One can go on. Meanwhile, they had to deal with other failures of states, addressed the politicization of the voting enforcement division (which upset even loyal Republicans) and so forth.

    Not sure what “rather obstinate” means exactly. Perhaps, they need more resources. OTOH, Brett is a small government guy and has noted on this blog that voting rights are not as fundamental as other things. So, well, so it goes.

  4. JoeJP says:

    Brett said “the Justice Department,” so perhaps he meant the “Obama Justice Department” … thus the examples provided might be deemed recent enough.

    Were such efforts ended in ’09? The other problems cited also continued, so it had limited resources, and had catch up on some fronts that were left fallow in the Bush Administration.

    It is partially a matter of focus. And, “rather obstinate” is vague enough to mean a lot of things.

  5. androcles says:

    JoeJP omitted the 4 lawsuits filed by the Bush administration under the registration provisions of section 7 of the NVRA (twice as many as under Obama), and the precipitous decline in enforcement of the Voting Rights Act since Obama took office. The decline has occurred while resources have increased. See also http://judiciary.house.gov/hearings/Hearings%202012/Adams%2004182012.pdf