Death Penalty Repeal and the Age of Innocence Projects

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2 Responses

  1. Ken Rhodes says:

    I wonder if the advocates for repeal are missing a crucial issue. In arguing for right vs. wrong, they will always encounter those who are convinced the “right” is on the other side. I.e., the biblical injunction of “an eye for an eye” justice.

    But there is not one of those proponents of the death penalty who can make a practical data-based case for it as a deterrent, and there is a HUGE case against it as an incredible waste of money. The cost of the original trial plus exhaustive appeals far exceeds the cost of incarceration. If you’re skeptical about that statement, Google cost of death penalty cases. You will find quite an array of sources on both ends of the political spectrum, and many points along the continuum, reporting the same facts. When Fox News and Amnesty International both say the same thing, you gotta give it some credence.

    And for what? A feel-good moment for the family of the victim when they say “well, at least he got what he deserved.” Gotta tell ya — ain’t worth my tax dollars.

  2. Fortunately, to win repeal, we need not convince everyone, only the appropriate majority. In any case, some individuals will never be moved in their obdurate beliefs or fixed emotional orientations, be it by rational persuasion, moral doubt, or overwhelming evidence of various sorts.