Ifill’s Op Ed on Standing with Trayvon’s Mother for Justice

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15 Responses

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    Like essentially every online account of this event coming from an opponent of the law, I notice the complete omission of any aspect of the altercation which might make the case a bit more ambiguous. You know, like a witness moments prior to the shooting seeing Zimmerman on the ground, with Martin on top of him beating him up? And Zimmerman having both wounds and grass stains consistent with this account?

    Zimmerman does not come off well in any account of this event, but that’s no excuse to make him look even worse by systematic omission.

  2. Brett. I have not seen any account by a witness of this–and I read all sorts of websites. Could you provide a link? And Zimmerman was much bigger than Martin, a kid. How did martin get Z on the ground? Maybe Martin was the one with the stand your ground defense…

  3. Thanks, John. crediring the witness identified by FOX, what we have is Z, after having been told to stay in his car, leaves and encounters Martin–a smaller and younger man. The scenario is easy to unfold: Z and M grapple; somehow M gets the upper hand, and Z shoots and kills. Can anyone explain to me that this very favorable scenario to Z falls w/in the FL law?

  4. Brett Bellmore says:

    I don’t think it DOES fall within the parameters of the Florida law, and neither does the author of that law. But a good case doesn’t require systematic omission of details. And the case being made here isn’t against Zimmerman, it’s against the law.

  5. I disagree. if Z sought a confrontation with M–as the facts seem to indicate–then I do not see how the law protects him. The law says you do not have to retreat–it does not say that you can confront and when resisted use deadly force. That is what the sponsors of the ludicrous FL law seem to agree on.

  6. Andrea Saren says:

    We really don’t know what happened. Did Zimmerman follow Martin a few steps and then head back to the car and did Martin jump him as he headed back to the car? Not an impossible scenario. Might still be illegal for Zimmerman to fire his gun; I don’t know.

    The scenario the media is telling us is that it was a cold-blooded killing by Zimmerman, just got out his gun and shot Martin. Is that more plausible?

    In any event, bizarre for Obama to comment on this. There are literally hundreds of homicides every week in the USA. And what did Obama mean that if he had a son, his son would look like Trayvon Martin? Does Obama think all black people look alike?

  7. Socratic Skeptic says:

    This could be another Duke lacrosse case. Why don’t we wait until the facts are established in a courtroom before forming opinions?

  8. CharlesWT says:

    “…on the murder of Trayvon Martin…”

    Shouldn’t that be killing or alleged murder?

  9. AYY says:

    Billl, 1:11 and 2:25
    No, Zimmerman was not bigger than Martin. Martin was 6 ft. 2 or 3 in., and he played football. Zimmerman is 5’9″

  10. Ziman says:

    “He played football.”

    LOL, I am sure Zimmerman played football at some point in his life also.

  11. @Andrea. I believe Obama was saying that any black male teen-ager is at risk of beong accosted by a vigilante and shot

  12. Andrea Saren says:

    I think Obama was saying that all black people look alike. What else could he mean — if he had a son, his son would look just like Trayvon Martin.

    All around weird and wrong for Obama to comment on this. There are over 30 gun homicides every day in the US.

  13. Veracitor says:

    Too bad for the grieving mother it wasn’t a senseless killing: as of today (3/27) we have learned that (a) Martin attacked Zimmerman and attempted to murder him by bashing his head against the pavement and (b) Zimmerman could not “retreat” regardless of any legal-duty questions because he was on his back on the ground with Martin on top of him, so (c) Martin’s shooting was justified and pro-social. Also, contrary to misleading “he was a little angel” stuff in the media, Martin was a young gold-tooth thug who abused drugs, attacked other people, and was almost certainly a burglar.

  14. Gino says:

    The Florida shooting is a tragedy for all. If any party should be criticized, it should be the state of Florida for encouraging poorly trained yahoos to purchase and carry concealed weapons.

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