Anti-Racism in a Bottle

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6 Responses

  1. Lee S says:

    “States have chosen to crack down on “illegal” immigrants not because this ostensibly race-neutral category is associated subconsciously with Mexicans; states have chosen to crack down on “illegal” immigrants because this category of persons is associated consciously with Mexicans.”

    Personally, I expect my state to deport them because they are illegal. Illegal immigrants do a disservice to those who immigrated legally. If you think the law is unfair, change it, but do not make the assertion that enforcing the law is bigoted.

  2. John S says:

    “Temporary Aid for Needy Families and other social welfare programs that provide cash assistance to indigent persons have been vilified not because they are associated subconsciously with the always already black “welfare queen”; they have been vilified because they are associated consciously with the always already black “welfare queen.””

    Isn’t this only half of the picture? The subconscious heuristic comes in the other half, where the vilifier associates the myth of the welfare queen with black people.

  3. Ann Marie Marciarille says:

    Beta-blockers have long been prescribed off label to treat anxiety (particularly social anxiety). I have to wonder about the relationship between untreated anxiety (fear of difference, fear of falling) and racism. Just a thought.

  4. AYY says:

    Prof. Bridges,
    Why is “illegal” in quotes? The people to whom you refer really are here illegally”
    As to the last statements in the third to last paragraph, it would have been better if you had offered some evidence. The way it is now, those of a skeptical bent might wonder how you know what you claim to be the case is true?

  5. AYY says:

    Oops, just noticed a couple of typos. The ” after “illegally” and the ? after “true” shouldn’t be there.

  6. Shag from Brookline says:

    This post is a reminder to take another look at “The Watermelon Man” flick.