Vaclav Havel: Concluding Thoughts

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11 Responses

  1. Thanks again, Mark, this series was quite a treat!

    All good wishes,

  2. A.J. Sutter says:

    I’ll second Patrick. Thanks especially for a series good enough to teach from. I plan to use it, along with “The Power of the Powerless,” in a politics course on protest that I’ll be teaching in Japan starting in April.

  3. Mark Edwards says:

    Thank you both so much. I really appreciate it. I wish I had had time to write more cogent replies to your comments, and to more fully give Havel his due. Perhaps we can continue the conversation via email.

  4. Josh says:

    This has been a great series. Thank you for putting it together, Mark.

  5. Elizabeth A. Wilson says:

    I really appreciated the series too and may work it into my human rights courses this semester. BTW I spent a year and a half in the Czech Republic in the early 90’s and got the chance at least once to shake Havel’s hand. I also met his brother and other friends from the underground days who were less busy running a country. I was lucky to be there when the first elections were held — it was quite a heady time.

  6. Jordan J. Paust says:

    It does remind one of human rights law and, more recently, aspects of the “Arab Spring.” See also

  7. Jordan J. Paust says:

    sorry, the site is

  8. Mark Edwards says:

    Thank you all. Jordan, I look forward to reading your article.

  9. Daniel Solove says:

    Mark — wonderful series. I learned quite a lot. Thanks for such detailed and insightful posts.

  10. Mark Edwards says:

    Thank you, Dan. I appreciate the opportunity.

  11. Frank Pasquale says:

    Sorry I didn’t comment earlier–this is really a remarkable series. I hope you will collect the pieces and publish it.