Ben Stein and the ABA’s Facepalm

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8 Responses

  1. Bill Reynolds says:

    I’ll be first. “Anyone,…anyone?”

  2. Orin Kerr says:

    Maybe I’m just out of the loop, but is Ben Stein known primarily (or largely) for his views on intelligent design? I would think he’s most famous for being the teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day and for his game show, “Win Ben Stein’s Money.” And more recently, he’s been a WSJ columnist, mostly writing on business and economics (as far as I can recall).

  3. Orin Kerr says:

    Oops, I left off “Off” in the movie title.

  4. Bruce Boyden says:

    I confess I’m also not seeing the connection between his religious views concerning the origins of life on Earth and keynoting a conference that seems to be devoted to iPad apps, cloud computing, using Microsoft Word 2010 more efficiently, and that sort of thing.

  5. Derek Bambauer says:

    I don’t think many people saw “Expelled,” which is good for Stein. But I think it’s weird to have someone speak at a tech / innovation event whose analytical model is unfriendly to the underlying scientific principles that make iPads, cloud computing, and Microsoft Word possible. And Bruce, you should read the Scientific American article: Stein’s objections are not religiously founded. Rather, they claim that there is a problem with the science of evolutionary theory. That claim is, er, hard to defend rigorously.

  6. Shag from Brookline says:

    Gee, I thought Ben Stein was a comedian. Recall the episode on Seinfeld with Ben giving legal advice to Kramer on a living will/health care proxy. And he’s also an economist and perhaps even a lawyer. A virtual jack of all trades. His views as an economist following the 2008 Bush/Cheney Great Recession were really comic.

  7. Ken Rhodes says:

    My son says “Ben Stein is a high-IQ idiot.”

    I asked him “isn’t that internally inconsistent?”

    “Not at all,” he explained. “An idiot is a person who says dumb things and does dumb things. There’s no law of nature to prevent a smart person from being an idiot.”

  8. Notwithstanding this odd choice — I would encourage folks to still attend the ABA Tech Show – starting with Ignite Law 3 on the eve of the show.