Erin Andrews and Insult

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2 Responses

  1. Lurker says:

    While I agree with you on the substance, I’d like to protest against your use of “were fooling around”. Given your overall style, use of “copulated” would have been more appropriate.

    Using word “to be fooling around” meaning “to have sex” shows that the writer thinks that such sex is undertaken lightly, without sober reflection. In addition, it implies that with proper refletion, the couple had not engaged in sexual actions at all or would have conducted their intimate behaviour in a more dignified manner.

    In my view, the record, as presented, shows no reason for this presumption. Considering that sex is one of the greatest founding stones of a serious relationship and essential for the continuation of our species, such default approach demeans this noble activity. If two consenting adults are having sex, they should not be presumed to be “fooling around”, unless they are clearly drunk, high or otherwise in a state of lowered consciousness.

  2. KB says:

    Lurker, you seriously need to find a better way to spend your time then “fooling around”