NatArtFiMo (National Article Finishing Month)

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3 Responses

  1. Will Baude points out that Christina Mulligan is helming a similar project, this one involving mostly aspiring academics. Can people join both groups? Yes! I think that cross-pollination is an excellent idea, and we’re happy to welcome members of Christina’s group who would like to participate here as well. Twice the support, twice the fun, and twice the monetary rewards! (2 x 0 = 0).

  2. Miriam A. Cherry says:

    Thanks for doing this, Kaimi… I am trying to finish a rough draft of my article this month. The article is about unconventional markets that are forming in cyberspace, and the role that technology plays in market formation. It is also about commodified versus non-commodified areas in cyberspace. Now that I’ve written this, I think that I actually do have to finish the article by December 1st…

  3. I have a rather poor draft of an article on the TSA’s security screening procedures (i.e. the enhanced patdowns and scanners that can see through clothing). My argument is that the procedures do not violate the 4th Amendment, but that they infringe on a fundamental right to interstate travel, thus violating the 5th Amendment. My goal is to expand my argument in places, polish the whole thing, and post it on SSRN by the end of the month.