Who is a Biological Parent?

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  1. Matt says:

    This is interesting stuff, and I’m sympathetic to at least most of it (some I’d need to think about more before I was sure), but this caught my eye:

    the real blood of pregnancy and birth … the mingled blood of mothers and their children

    That’s a metaphor, right? My understanding was always that the blood of a mother and a child didn’t actually “mingle” except, sometimes, during birth in a way somewhat similar to how the blood of two boxers might “mingle”. I don’t know that this makes much difference, but it struck me as odd in the quoted passage to chastise a metaphorical use when the person is most likely making a metaphorical use herself (or else is stretching things, so that the “mingling” that might come at birth, so far as I understand it, is stretched back into pregnancy, for better rhetorical power.)

    See this almost unreadable page for some discussion: