Censoring the Internet

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2 Responses

  1. I agree with you broadly, however with Wikileaks specifically, there are literally tens of thousands of ways to mass distribute the information on friendly servers and open areas like news groups.

    So if they wish to now make the argument that the information is being censorsed, we should note that this is only true so long as Assange continues to actively maintain exclusive rights to said materials.

    He only needs donations to maintain his power by leaking certain docs when he feels the need.

    Additionally with respect to Wikileaks and the US, the reaction is very mild and very understandable. It’s not like he released the Pentagon papers, he just released classified data to make himself into something his non-disclosure agreements with his employees prove he is not.

    So broadly if these tactics are used to prevent just simple negative news from publication (re: China), it is an issue.

    Wikileaks however doesn’t seem to be a good example of such over reactions creating censorship.

  2. nicksaint says:

    @Michael S. Langston.
    Three things:
    1.) Whether or not WikiLeaks is a worthy or unworthy victim of soft censorship is irrelevant, the practice of government driven soft-censorship bypasses the safeguards of our Constitution and should not be tolerated.

    2.) A private individual has the right to publish or not to publish whatever information he possesses. Failure to publish information should have no bearing on Assange’s claim of wrongful censorship.

    Furthermore, Assange has good reason to want to release this information through his meticulously crafted websites. A) He may, indeed, have some highly damaging material that should not be released to the public. B) It is important to ensure that his website is operational in order to guarantee anonymity to leakers.

    3.) The existence of a non-disclosure agreement between Wikileaks and the Guardian is irrelevant and proves nothing.

    4.) The distinction between China’s censorship and the U.S.’s censorship is one of quantity–not quality. China routinely attacks the finances and infrastructure of dissident media and imprisons reporters. The U.S. attempting to do the same thing to Assange and WikiLeaks.