The Summer Before Law School

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3 Responses

  1. Jimbino says:

    Not quite true. If you took math or a hard science as your undergraduate major, you may well find law school boring. I did. After first year, I had to take a job to fill up my time and I only attended classes on Thursdays and Fridays, having to miss some.

    In any case, while your profs may well be topnotch, you will notice that your fellow students are below par. They are the ones who diligently avoided any serious courses in college, particularly those involving math or science, for fear of getting a grade below an A.

  2. Ivan Merrow says:

    Thanks for this Nancy and Doug (I’ve read your book, and hope to be a happy lawyer one day).

    For students that feel academically/mentally prepared, I’d add:

    4. Talk to lawyers about their experiences.
    5. Contact summer students/articling students at firms you’re interested in — they might have advice for you before you get started.
    6. Do everything you think you might not have time for once things get busy in 1L.

  3. Mike Zimmer says:

    On the summer before law school, I had the lucky experience of driving a furniture van all around the U.S., picking up and dropping off people’s stuff. It was great because of the people I met — workers I would hire to help load and unload, the customers some of whom were in the military and others victims of the constant career moves in business back then and, of course, other truckers. This all put many things in perspective about me and for me. Driving long distances in a truck too noisy to enjoy the radio gave me a chance to reflect in a diffused way to achieve those perspectives.