Summertime in the South

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4 Responses

  1. Ken Arromdee says:

    It’s 13 years, not 7 years, for these. Some other ones are 17 years.

  2. JRB says:

    The best part of this post is that you think Columbia, Missouri is in the South.

  3. Marc Roark says:

    Southern as in culturally — there is quite a bit of southern culture in Columbia. Though I agree that geographically, its not nearly as southern as Alabama.

    Thanks Ken. I had heard seven from people telling me about the Cicadas when I arrived this summer, but was mistaken.

  4. JRB says:

    To be sure, I meant culturally as well. That’s alright. It’s an age old debate, and I have known plenty of folks in Missouri who wished they were Southern and went to great length to try to justify it. It’s completely understandable.