Summer Reading: Last Call — The Rise and Fall of Prohibition

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5 Responses

  1. Bill Reynolds says:

    Helen. There are slso good beer M & A/Antitrust cases. if you broaden the topic to alcohol generally, an awful lot of pivotal EU law turns on the topic. Bill

  2. Orin Kerr says:

    Thanks for the recommendation: Just bought it on your rec.

  3. John Steele says:

    Sounds like a fun course. I thought I’d mention that Berkeley has a Wine Law course, with this description:

    California accounts for 90% of all wines produced in the United States. The California wine industry has an annual impact of $51.8 billion on the state’s economy and $125.3 billion on the national economy. Wine is the number one finished agricultural product in the state. This course examines the major legal issues facing the wine industry in the areas of constitutional law, administrative law, intellectual property, domestic land use and environmental laws, and international trade. Specific topics include Prohibition and Twenty-first Amendment jurisprudence, federal and state alcohol beverage regulatory systems (market structure, licensing, taxation, product standards, trade practices), wine labeling, appellations of origin, wine and health, liquor liability, land use planning, resource conservation issues for vineyards and wineries, and international trade policy (tariff and non-tariff barriers). There are no prerequisites.

  4. Brett Bellmore says:

    Given the war on drugs, shouldn’t that be “The rise and fall and rise…”?

  5. Ken Rhodes says:


    In my other life — as a baseball fanatic — Daniel Okrent was a name well known to me as a baseball writer. His “Nine Innings” is a terrific book, and he invented Rotisserie Leagues and WHIP. It never occurred to me to google him to discover that baseball was a sidelight to a distinguished career.