Popular Misconceptions About Contracts

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5 Responses

  1. b says:

    you win attorney’s fees if you win an action for breach of contract.
    being highly intoxicated when you purchase something allows you to later cancel the transaction.

  2. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Thanks for those two good examples!

  3. Practicing, Esq. says:

    This seems like it will be a fun and lively book. Can’t wait to read it. Per the recommendation of Randy Barnett or someone over at Volokh, recently read the Oxford Introduction to US Law: Contracts. While I found it a good, quick refresher on contract law, it did not have much contemporary relevance and seemed like it wouldn’t appeal to a layperson.

    Unfortunately “Contracts In The Real World” does not appear available for pre-order on Amazon. You will have to plug it again once it does, as a reminder.

  4. Miriam A. Cherry says:

    Misunderstandings I’ve heard (or seen on student exams):

    Contracts can be “cancelled” after they are made without any penalty, so long as the retraction is made quickly

    Thinking you can get punitive damages for breach of contract.

  5. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Thanks, thanks! Looks like we’ve reached 20, but I’m delighted to have further additions. A year or two after my book comes out, of course, I’d like to see the list shrink away.