Non-Lawyer Squats in Abandoned Foreclosed $330,000 House, Tries to Acquire It Through Adverse Possession

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Wow, three years? I thought California was crazy short and theirs is five.

  2. Ken Rhodes says:

    “Mr Robinson took advantage of a little known Texas law…” The headline and the article also both use the phrase “obscure law.”

    My goodness. I’m not an attorney, and even I can’t imagine that Adverse Possession is obscure.

    What’s not clear to me is “the owner” in this item. The house was foreclosed, and “the owner walked away.” Presumably that means “the prior owner, i.e., the borrower,” since the current owner would be the lender who held the mortgage and foreclosed. It also states “the mortgage company went bust,” which leaves another unanswered question — who now owns the assets of the mortgage company?

    This is interesting, but it seems to me that what the creative Mr. Robinson has got himself is a nice house to live in for a while until the ownership questions are resolved.